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  When we have him/her .. We do not care about him/her coz we know that he/she will always wiff us.. We treat him/her like rubbish, do not care about him/herself, his/her feelings, his/her heart..
  But.. he/she always be patient wiff our attitude, until one day we lost him/her..
At first we feel like ‘arghh, wasting time think about it! Do I care?’
  But lastly, we’ll feel lonely…

    Suddenly miss him/her, think about him/her, & we’ll want back a relationship like before, when the first time we know each other..
    And at last, we’ll regret for what we had done..
But, we have no chance already..  to be happy wiff him/her like before,
   And at the time, we will know how big their sacrified for us..
someone who be named by ‘FRIEND’...

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