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11/19/11 @ 4:07 PM | 0 Sweety [s]

Assalamualaikum :)
Hye bloggers !
Long time not update aite? *maybe
Okay for sure last night happy moment, hihi
Now I want to share it . Listen~ 

LAST NIGHT AT 9:30pm...
Me with my cousins and aunties went hangout at 'Padang Kota' .
For sure lahh B E ST :3
Go there then ate "gado-gado", "laksa Penang", "fried rice" and etc .
Full ohh my stomach, haha x] 

After finish dinner we went to de playground near "Astaka" .
playplayplay until tired =='
Then, go to the center of field cause wanna played bubbles & some games .
We play until 1:00 am . ohmyy trust me babe! so ENJOYY ;'D
So, the winner of the game is my cousin, U'un ;>
She's FOCUS in every question that I'm asking till she won!

lalala, finish the game..we decided to go back home.
otw home, all my cousins sleeps soundly except my aunts + me .
maybe they TIRED cause ENJOY just now .
Hope next time will hangout together again, kbyeee ;b

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