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Before, Now & After. Happy Mother's Day :D
5/12/12 @ 10:25 PM | 0 Sweety [s]

Peace be upon!
Sorry b'cause now I'm rarely posting .
Busy for mid-year exam .
Simple post only for today.

10.05.2012 ; 1 year 7 months :')  

eventhough2 dia dh tkdakk, but i"m always love him.. AL-FATIHAH.

12.05.2012 : pi picnic dgn fmly. 

enjoy and hopefully boleh pi lagi :)     

14.05.2012 ; Mid-Year Exam.
Hari-2 study.
Ya Allah, semoga Engkau lancarkan peperiksaan kali ini dan semoga aku boleh menjawab semua kertas peperiksaan :')

hm hm kayychaww >< takecare.

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